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TWiT v2.2.0 – Released to Marketplace

July 8, 2012


I am happy to announce that TWiT Windows Phone app update v2.2.0 has been released to marketplace. You can get the app by searching for the word “TWiT” on your windows phone or by clicking here.

New Features

  • Live video feed from

Other Changes

  • The app price has been reduced to $1.99 (US). I am starting to slowly see this app as “mature” and therefore want to make it more accessible to folks who see its price as an issue in adopting the paid version.

(I want to thank all those folks who purchased the app at an earlier time and higher price point. Your support is what kept me going, thank you early adopters!)

Known Issues – Live Video Feed

  • The UI is still far from perfect, I will continue to work on it in future updates
  • When the Live video feed is streaming a previously recorded show, the feed does not seem to work on Windows Phone. The feed does work if TWiT is streaming a live show, at least in all my tests so far. (I am actively looking into why this might be happening; I will update the app if there is something in my power to fix)

Thank you!

Big thank you to staff who continue to work with me to add features such as the Live Video, I couldn’t do it without their support (they provided the proper feed format for Windows Phone). While this feature is far from perfect (lets just call it a beta feature), at least it continues to grow the apps capabilities which is always my goal.

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