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TWiT App Update v2.1 Submitted for Certification (updated)

April 19, 2012


Update: As of 2pm EST on 4/24/2012 the patch has passed certification, it should be out for everyone to download in 24 to 48 hours, thank you for your patience!

As promised now that TWiT revision 2.0 is finally out I can finally release patches for fixes and features at a much faster rate.

So to start… right after I released v2.0 a few issues came to light which I started to address (thanks for all the bug reports folks!). As of this evening I finished testing the next minor update and have submitted update 2.1.0 for certification.

Below is a full list of fixes, new features and changes you can expect to find in TWiT v2.1.0 for Windows Phone 7.5 once it passes certification (ill make another blog post once that happens).

New Features & UI Changes

  • Panorama Changes (Misc.)
    • Renamed “Live Audio” Panorama to “TWiT Live” which better reflects its content
    • In “your TWiT” Panorama I have renamed the section “History” to “Recently Played” which better reflects its content
    • The application version in the first Panorama section is now a bit brighter to make it easier to read and also adjusted to be higher up  so that it avoids overlapping the network shows when you scroll them
  • Pinning Network Show to Home Screen
    • Added a “Pin to home screen” button in the Network Show detail screen
      • Previously this feature was only available by pressing and holding the Network Show cover art in the Panorama (which is still available as another way to Pin the show)
    • Changed the Panorama Network Show list text for Pinning a tile to the home screen from “Deep Linking” to “Pin to Home”; this better matches the common terminology used for this action in Windows Phone
  • Network Show Screen (Misc.)
    • Added nicer looking icons for marking the network show favorite/removing it from the list
      • Icons are a “heart” for favorite or “broken heart” to remove from favorites
    • In the episode list I made the published date more verbose looking, so that its easier to read
    • Once the episode list loads you will see the network show cover art and show name at the top of the episodes list.
      • Makes it easier to know which show you are in and especially useful when entering the app from a pinned network show tile
  • Episode Details Screen
    • Disabled the comments tab since has turned this feature off
      • I will be removing this pivot section all together if in the near future does not re-enable comments in some fashion

Performance Improvements

  • Touch input should be more responsible on startup of the application (when entering the Panorama) and after a recent episodes refresh
    • This is still far from perfect, but I’ making progress

Bug Fixes

  • Major Trial Version Bug Resolved: Fixed a bug where the trial version of the app couldn’t play audio or video podcasts due to the Advertisement covering the buttons
    • This was NOT intentional and did break the trial app, really just a bad oversight on my part during testing; sorry folks!
  • When an update is released I have the ability to notify users directly in the application so that they know to go and update the app in the marketplace, unfortunately this feature was broken and this has been corrected
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you try to pin a network show to the home screen once it has already been pinned
    • This happens because Windows Phone only allows you to create one unique tile on the home screen, no duplicates allowed

Big thank you for everyone’s support and once again to all those who reported issues. If you find a bug or have any feedback please email me at

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