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Trey’s Variety Hour – Now available in TWiT App

April 18, 2012


One of TWiT’s newest Podcasts is called “Trey’s Variety Hour’”, I have added this new show into the TWiT WP7 app backend system and it should appear for users in the next 30minutes (so no later then 12:15am EST on 4/19/2012)

To see this new podcast in your app simply restart it two times and you should see it in the show list panorama view. Why two times? the way the code is written right now on first startup it will detect the new show and add it into the app’s local catalog, but only on second restart will it appear in the network show list. Also when you start the app the first time, give it 30 seconds before exiting for the second restart. (Hope that’s not too confusing, sorry you have to do this)

In the future I will improve the app so re-starting wont be required. But honestly, most people wont read this post and the show will just “magically” appear in the app during a normal usage pattern.

If anyone experiences a problem getting this to work please contact me at, and thank you!

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