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TWiT App

TWiT on Windows Phone

TWiT for Windows Phone 7 is a top rated app that brings you all the networks audio and video content to your mobile device in an easy to use Media streaming experience. Listen or watch one of 30+ great shows on-demand without downloading, includes shows such as:

This WEEK In TECH, Windows Weekly, Tech News Today, Security Now, this WEEK in GOOGLE, iPad Today, All About Android, The Social Hour, triangulation, MacBreak Weekly, TWiT Photo, FourCast, Weekly Daily Giz Wiz, NSFW, this WEEK in COMPUTER hardware, Frame Rate, Home Theater Geeks, Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour and many more!

To learn more and get the app visit the Windows Phone Marketplace.


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  1. bob #
    February 3, 2012

    Why is this app not available on my phone? Mango, Samsung Focus, AT&T?

    • lyalindotcom #
      April 14, 2012

      Sorry for the delay but as of a few minutes ago i am happy reo announce the submission of TWiT v2.0 (with Mango support) to the marketplace. It should be out in one to two weeks if all goes well.

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